Thru-the-Wall Connection Systems

explorer has a very large range of quality effective systems to take the TV/Satellite signal from the outside of the Caravan or RV vehicle into the inside. A quality TV connection is vital if you are to get the best TV picture from your Caravan Antenna System or Satellite System. Thru-the-Wall connection systems come in all shapes and sizes catering to any situation or antenna

Imagine a river is your signal and suddenly the river is full of logs (poor connections) – the river is blocked and so is your signal stopped from flowing when the connections are not correct or corroded.The word system means something that is an organised whole. Compounded parts into an organised product.

How do you know what Caravan Wall Plate/ Wall Socket to use?

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Thru-the-Wall Connection

This type of connection kit is used to take the signal directly through the caravan wall without the use of a cable of any kind. It is a robust foolproof system that provides the best type of signal connection with the smallest signal losses any type of connection.

Passive Thru-the-Wall Connection

Dual Plates

Active Thru-the-Wall Connection

  • explorer Active Wall Plate plus Power Supply 12/240V


Internal Connections, External Connections

This group is used with a cable either an existing cable in the wall of the van or a new cable being run into the van.

Bulkhead Type Connections

This group has no plate and is used to go through bulkheads of varies thickness and a cable kit which has two bulkhead fittings included.

  • Thru-the-Wall, Passive for bulkheads or storage boxes