Antenna Mast & Mountings

All our antenna mast and mountings have been designed for RV vehicles of all descriptions.  All our mountings, side fittings and draw bar have been designed and made in Australia to suit our conditions.  UV stable and rated to 80 degrees celsius.

We have a range of Antenna Masts which are all lightweight anodised aluminium and telescopic.

Masting is all extruded anodised aluminium carefully selected to provide longevity. Masting accessory packs are available when you feel the mast needs a little TLC.

There are 2 sizes – 2.8M extended and 4.5M extended.

Our latest product is QFPC is a fixed mast which can be used in two heights.

Easy to install.    Minimum tools needed.
Our products are fully supported with a Free Call  Technical Support line.