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Quality ‘through the wall’ Caravan TV Connection really counts when looking for TV Signals

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We recently assisted a Jayco caravan owner to install his connection system through a bulk head and through the wall of the caravan.  What we found was quite a large gap between the bulkhead and the internal wall.  

This became tricky when our extensions, which include a nut on one end, landed in a position that did not allow us to tighten the plate to the wall.  What was  really needed was a half size extension. Read More

Signal Solutions in difficult situations…

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How does the site of the transmitter contribute to receiving a picture ?


Some great feedback from a customer Mr. Barry Bicheno travelling this vast continent.

He was staying at Gulgong near Mudgee in NSW.   In Mudgee there are 2 sets of transmitters located in the hills above Mudgee.  They are both directional which means the signal is only pointed in a limited direction.  Refer to map. They are both what we call baby transmitters. One is vertical and one is horizontal. They are rated by the ozdigital site as a 2 out of 6 star transmitter which I would agree with. The rating provides an insight into the strength of the transmitters. Read More

No Fuss Television Reception

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We had a call from a Bowell RV Caravan owner that was looking for a solution for his style of van to mount an antenna.
There are many new smaller and beautifully shaped – tear drop vans on the market now which do not lend themselves to a roof mounted antenna due to the slope of the roof or the fact that it pops up at one end and is not flat. They have small draw bars which are often used to support a range of accessories leaving little room for anything else.. Read More


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The owners of the explorer-rv brand of caravan TV antenna have been in the business of collecting signals for pictures for more than 50 years.  We delivered product for black and white RV TV antenna systems, colour TV caravan antenna systems, digital caravan antenna systems and have designed and manufactured a range of product for both the home, commercial and caravan market. One of the products that has proven very successful is our through-the-wall caravan TV connection which are sold to manufacturers and are the prime reason our caravan TV systems work so well. Read More

TV Signal in a Caravan – is it different ? Take a few minutes to read & avoid wasting your money.

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The principals of Wilkgard Technology Group who own the explorer brand of Caravan TV antenna have been in the antenna industry for over 40 years.   They have seen black and white TV.  The introduction of UHF, colour and now digital television and there is one thing that has never changed through all that evolution and it is the key thing for a mobile user to understand.

When travelling in your caravan, camper trailer etc the signal source (transmitter) and channel number allocated (not the network provider) change.  Each location is different in a number of ways.   Read More

Cable and Connections

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We recently had a van come in to fit a new Quick Fix mast too. We were astonished that still 35 years after the introduction of UHF frequencies, cables and connectors that were installed belong to the 70’s.

The cable lost a lot of signal for every metre installed. The connectors were crimped badly and in one case very poorly executed.  Water had travelled down the cable rusting the internal fittings of the outlet plates. The outlet plates themselves with push in type which are not the standard for digital. We have included some pictures.
Read More


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Signal Paths and Reception.

TV Signal is energy and the energy changes ever so slightly every time  a  new TV channel is selected.  It is the changed signal that the TV recognises and processes.    In Australia we have TV channels from 6 through to 51.   Another way of expressing this is to say the antenna collects electromagnetic waves that are long approx 400mm to 6m long.  When I first became aware of this natural thing called a RF wave I was fascinated. You cannot see it but it exists and man has learnt to use this natural occurring phenomena. The above range of channels  is the Australian use of the spectrum for Television. In Britain it is different as is in the USA. 

Read More


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Amplifiers are generally not well understood by those who sell them and recommend them.  They are very helpful when used under the right conditions.   Digital has reduced the amount of amplifiers that are needed significantly.   Anyone travelling the east coast predominately would not need an amplifier 85% of the time.

A signal can be too strong and the result is a poor picture.  Exactly the same as not enough signal.   Water is useful for getting some mass on the concept.   Say you are cleaning the car.  The hose is on but the water is not enough to shift any of the grime on the car – job does not get done or say the water is coming out in a forceful stream causing the water to hit  a spot on the car and spraying everywhere including all over you.   Neither situation is what you want.  Weak and too strong signal is not useable.  The TV set cannot process it. Read More


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Anyone with a mobile vehicle and a television set has to take the signal received outside of your RV vehicle and bring it into the interior of your unit.  You can do this in a number of ways:

String the co-axial cable thru the window, door, floor or any opening that presents itself.

Drill a hole and pass the c-axial cable  thru the wall of the vehicle

Fit a socket on the outside of the caravan, run a cable thru the walls of caravan and fit a second socket inside the caravan.   (commonly used) Read More


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This has been a very common response to our antenna kits and  Thru-the-Wall connection kits.  We provide excellent instructions and have almost zero problems with them over the years the fact remain some people are not comfortable.   explorer have solved that problem too.   We provide a CVBOX that allow your very important connection to be a mobile fitting which you can use outside or inside the caravan.   One advantage is you can use it under the annex for outside viewing.