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Cable and Connections

By November 15, 2016 No Comments

We recently had a van come in to fit a new Quick Fix mast too. We were astonished that still 35 years after the introduction of UHF frequencies, cables and connectors that were installed belong to the 70’s.

The cable lost a lot of signal for every metre installed. The connectors were crimped badly and in one case very poorly executed.  Water had travelled down the cable rusting the internal fittings of the outlet plates. The outlet plates themselves with push in type which are not the standard for digital. We have included some pictures.

We cannot stress enough the importance of the cable and connector. Your antenna may well be doing a reasonable job but the signal when put on the cable cannot travel due to the connector not allowing it to pass or the cable itself being so resistive that the signal is lost.

Signal is energy.  We live in an age where energy is discussed all the time. There are 2 ways of handling it. Waste it by not having suitable gear that encourages the pathway by not putting things in the way. Poor connections and cables put lots of obstacles for it to be stopped by. It is that simple. Fix your connections and enjoy a better picture while away in your caravan, mobile home, camper or pop-top.

Sally Garden
Founder and CEO
Wilkgard Technology Group Pty. Ltd.


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