Caravan TV Antennas

Our excellent record of selling Caravan TV Antennas that works starts with the concept of a System. Compounded parts into a organised product – it is not a single item.

You have to understand what a Caravan TV Antenna System is suppose to do!  That means  knowledge is needed of Australian Standards, Nomenclature of the industry and experience dealing with the many variations which happen as a result of the different locations caravanners find themselves in.  To this you need to add skills and abilities learnt from the activity of installing and testing antennas.  It is a technical subject requiring technical knowledge.

An antenna cannot be sold in isolation.  It is a part only to which you need to add all other needed components.  It is an electrical circuit and the circuit is not complete unless all parts are supplied and installed.   Our documentation gives significant details allowing the caravanner owner maximum opportunity to get this right.     That is the key reason we insist on selling a system and not parts.   

  • Premium NOMAD Caravan TV Antenna SYSTEM

  • NOMAD Caravan TV Antenna SYSTEM & Quick Release Mount & Mast 2.4m

  • NOMAD Active Caravan TV Antenna SYSTEM & Draw Bar Mount & Mast

  • East Coast RV TV Antenna SYSTEM c/w Quick Release Side Mount & Mast 2.85m

  • East Coast Caravan TV Antenna SYSTEM c/w Draw Bar Mount & Mast

  • East Coast Caravan TV Antenna SYSTEM

  • Camper Optimizer VHF/UHF Aerial ( Antenna-to-TV System )